SHOVE is a metaphorical dance film reflecting the realities of unsafe abortions that occur worldwide.


Shove is anchored to an atmospheric narrative situated in the cold, soviet streets of Berlin. We travel through the eyes of our bold protagonist as she sees the world in a post-traumatic state. Breathless motion and anxious thoughts clutter her mind through the dimly-lit streets that contrast with distinct taboos shown through metamorphosis. We witness grotesque mutations, high-rise all-encompassing city scapes that engulf our audience and take them on an energetic journey that points to the unavoidable reality for many women across the world who have to face legal and moral barriers to their right to choose and to have full autonomy over their bodies.


Director/Producer: Lauren Pringle

Dancer: Estefi Spark

Male: Cristian Del Negro

DOP: Adriana Berroterán

Assistant Director: Jhiliem Miller

Assistant Producer: Virginia Hernández

Production Assistant: Manouk Van Kuyk

Production Assistant: Cristian Del Negro

Gaffer: Joran Ost

1st AC: Pepe Ramirez Naval

1st AC: Manuela Aguilar

Art: Marcel Ruben Schoen + Estefi Spark

Make-up: Guadalupe Ron + Estefi Spark

Editor: Jhiliem Miller/Agustin Farias

Colour: Dan Moran

Photographer: Agustin Farias

Press Campaign Officer: Virginia Hernández

Sound Design: Josh Grey Jung

Additional Music Production: Alfie Brooks

Song Title: Poser - White Talls

Graphic Design: Cecilia Serafini

Research: Patricia Zegarra

Special thanks to:

SeeURental, Oleg Solovey, Maria Espindola, Jacin, Daniel Harrison, Daniel Seitz, Flow Altas Wachas, Amity Films, Amy Cooper, Johanna Hardwick, Simon Walton, Matt Barton, Mailen Cisneros, Louise Ball, Rachel Stutt, Morgan Williams, George Winston Rylance, Svet Lapcheva Sarah Luisa Santos, Kristina Hinz and Frederico Eduardo Reichel.

Length: 5:08



The images are just as strong as the narrative which with symbolism fights to show and express the fight that has taken such a long time and the pain that many women have to go through in this situation."

Belus Page,

House of Girls 

“Simply Shocking. Great moves and high production value."

Balint Revesz, 

Gallivant Films

If you have had to suffer an experience through unsafe or illegal abortion practises, feel free to write to us and tell us your testimonial.